The Count of Monte Cristo – sample script


The Cast: 16 or more; all ages
The Set: Flexible 2 unit
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min.

A Stunning Classic:

Edmond Dante’s future appears promising in this action packed script, but he is victimized by former friends plotting against him. Can he escape from imprisonment and foil the plans of his evil enemies? Breathtaking action combines with romance and comedy to bring Alexandre Dumas’ stunning classic novel to life.

Sample Songs:

Track 01 – The Count of Monte Cristo

Track 10 – The Count of Monte Cristo

Track 14 – The Count of Monte Cristo

Track 19 – The Count of Monte Cristo

Track 22 – The Count of Monte Cristo


(In Order of Appearance)

Edmond Dantes – (Age ranges from 19-35) Naïve sailor who becomes disillusioned and hardened after spending 14 years in prison for a crime he did not commit; he assumes a new identity as “The Count of Monte Cristo” in order to seek revenge on his enemies.

Mercedes Herrera – (Age ranges slightly younger than Edmond 18-34) Edmond’s fiancé. A Godly woman who reluctantly marries Fernand out of loneliness.

Morrel – (40s) Ship owner and Edmond’s employer.

Fernand Mondego – (Age ranges similar to Edmond 19-35) Treacherous friend of Edmond who will stop at nothing to steal his fiancé.

Danglars – (Age ranges slightly older than Edmond 25-41) Greedy purser aboard Edmond’s ship; eventually becomes a banker.

Gerard de Villefort – (Age ranges slightly older than Edmond 22-38) Ambitious Chief Prosecutor of Marseilles who will do anything to further his career and status; eventually becomes the King’s Attorney.

Noirtier – (40-50) Villefort’s father. He is an unashamed Bonapartist despite his son’s deferring political views and threats.

Abbe Faria – (50s) Wise genius held in the same prison as Edmond. A pious priest and father-figure to Edmond, he teaches him from his vast knowledge.

Haydee Quesnel – (Adult) (21-23) Orphaned daughter of General Quesnel haunted by her father’s death.

Haydee Quesnel – (Youth) (7) Daughter of General Quesnel.

General Quesnel – (35-40) Haydee’s father who is killed by Fernand.

Sister Julie – (30-40) Cruel headmistress of the Paris Orphanage.

Jacopo – (18-30) Bumbling thief and smuggler. Loyal “side-kick” to the Count of Monte Cristo.

Luigi Vampa – (25-35) Leader of a band of smugglers. Boisterous and lively rogue.

Albert Mondego – (16) Fernand and Mercedes’s son. Headstrong, but values honor above all else.

Townsfolk, Mayor, Officers, Servants, Prison Overseer, Guards, Smugglers, Carnival Revelers, Franz, Party Guests, Judge


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