Heidi – sample script



The Cast: 20 or more
The Set: Flexible; may be simple one unit or elaborate as desired
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min.

A Memorable Family Experience:

An orphaned girl is forced to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps. In our all original Heidi theater script, just as the two come to love one another, Heidi is snatched away by a distant relative who plots to use Heidi’s natural warmth and good character for financial gain by having her be a companion to the invalid daughter of a wealthy businessman.

Will Grandfather be reunited with his beloved Heidi? The answer to this and other intriguing mysteries surrounding Grandfather and Heidi’s final destiny come together in a powerful climax. A tuneful score, the flavors of Switzerland and Germany, and the whimsy of Heidi’s misadventures combine for a fun and memorable family experience.

Sample Songs:

Track 1 – Heidi

Track 12 – Heidi

Track 32 – Heidi

Track 37 – Heidi

God Is Watching Over You – Finale – Heidi


(In Order of Appearance)

Heidi – Orphaned Girl

Dete – Heidi’s Aunt

Barbel – Gossipy Villager *

Pastor of the Dorfli Village Church

Peter – Young Shepherd of the Goats

Brigitte – Peter’s Mother

Granny – Peter’s Grandmother

Grandpa Alp – Heidi’s Grandfather

Schwanli – A Goat (Name means “Little Swan”) *

Barli – A Goat (Name means “Little Bear”) *

Big Turk – A Goat (Spirited) *

Fraulein Rottenmeier – A Dour Governess to Klara

Klara – Invalid girl confined to wheelchair

Sebastian – Household Servant *

Tinette – Maid *

Doctor Classen – Klara’s Physician and Family friend *

Grandmother (Fraulein Sesemann) Klara’s Grandmother *

Herr Sesemann – Klara’s Father

Eric – Organ Grinder *

Monkey (“Chi-Chi”) – Works with Eric

Various Villagers of Dorfli * (Including Gossips, Meat Merchant, Flower Merchant, Vinter, Baker, Hay Merchant, Produce Merchant, Clock Merchant)
Various Villagers of Frankfurt *
Sesemann Estate Servants *
(Note: There are many doubling and tripling cast possibilities denoted by *)


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