Jane Eyre – sample script


The Cast: 15-25
The Set: Simple one set, very flexible
Approximate Length: 2 act, 120 min.

A Suspenseful New Musical Mystery:

The intriguing world of Charlotte Bronte is explored in this new musical adaptation. At once passionate, romantic and mysterious, Jane Eyre’s journey from oppression to triumph offers an uplifting stage adventure.

Sample Songs:

Jane Eyre Medley – Jane Eyre

Daughter Of The King – Jane Eyre

Perfection – Jane Eyre

Could He Love Me? – Jane Eyre

Finale: God’s Plan Reprise – Jane Eyre


(In Order of Appearance)

Young Jane – A lonely orphan of 10 yrs.

Uncle Reed – Jane’s kindly uncle

Mrs. Reed – His shrewish wife

John Reed – Jane’s arrogant cousin

Eliza (Lizzy) Reed – Jane’s cousin

Georgiana Reed – Jane’s cousin

Brocklehurst – Administrator of Lowood School

Teacher – Strict Instructor at Lowood

Helen – Jane’s compassionate childhood friend

Jane Eyre – A courageous, enduring young woman

Mrs. Fairfax – Kindly housekeeper at Thornfield Hall

Adele – The girl that Jane is hired to be governess to

Rochester – Master of Thornfield Hall

Grace Poole – Mysterious servant at Thornfield Hall

Blanche Ingram – A highbrow socialite

Martha Ingram – Her sister

Mrs. Ingram – Their outspoken mother

Amy Eshton – Ingram’s friend

Louisa Eshton – Her sister

Mrs. Eshton -(No lines) Their mother

Frederick – A gentleman

Henry – A gentleman

Bertha Mason – Mad woman

Mr. Mason – Her brother

Pastor – A minister near Thornfield Hall

Diana Rivers – Offers refuge to Jane

Mary Rivers – Her sister

Hannah – Their housekeeper

St. John – An overbearing missionary pastor

School Girls, Party Guests


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