Unto Us – The Nativity Story – sample script


The Cast: 20 or more
The Set: Flexible; maybe one or 2 units
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 90 min

The Greatest Christmas Story of All:

In this, one of our newest musical production scripts you will be joining Mary and Joseph on their journey of faith as they experience the wondrous events leading to Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. This inspiring new musical celebrates the Christ of Christmas and the true meaning of our Savior’s birth.

Sample Songs:

My Soul Waits for the Lord – Unto Us – The Nativity Story

According to Your Word – Unto Us – The Nativity Story

Joseph’s Lament – Unto Us – The Nativity Story

Heaven’s Cry – Unto Us – The Nativity Story

Mary’s Lullaby – Unto Us – The Nativity Story


(In Order of Appearance)

Mary – The Mother of Jesus

Joseph – The Stepfather of Jesus

Simeon – An Old Priest Waiting for the Promised Messiah

Samuel – A Young Lad Who Works About the Temple

Mother – Mary’s Mother

Heli – Mary’s Father

Young Mary

Young Joseph

Traveler – A Man From the Holy City

Zachariah – A Righteous Old Priest

Elizabeth – The Wife of Zachariah and Cousin of Mary

Gabriel – The Angel (Voice Only)

Jacob – Joseph’s Father

Children – Siblings of Joseph or Mary

Sarai – Mary’s Sister

Eliud – A Relative of Joseph

John – A Shepherd

Pilate – The Governor

Old Mary

Additional Speaking Parts:

Zadok – Relative of Joseph
Azor – Relative of Joseph
Rhema – Relative of Joseph
Naomi – Relative of Joseph
Men of Nazareth
Temple Crier
Temple Superintendent
Moshe – Caravan Leader
Thomas – A Shepherd
Young Levite
Pilate’s Wife
Town Folk, Priests, Levites, Shepherds and Relatives


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