Oliver – sample script


The Cast: 30 or more; wide variety
The Set: Simple 2 unit set
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

Of laughter, loyalty and love:

This original adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale follows the adventures of a lost boy as he encounters a colorful cast of characters on the streets of 19th century London. This theatrical play is an action packed battle of good and evil unfolds as the young Oliver is pitted against treacherous fortune hunters and crafty crooks. A triumphant musical tale of laughter, loyalty and love.

Sample Songs:

Street Song – Oliver

Only the Strong Survive – Oliver

It’s Never Too Late – Oliver

Oliver! – Oliver

Oliver’s Prayer (reprise) – Oliver


(In Order of Appearance)

Agnes Fleming Leeford – Oliver’s Loving Mother (20’s-30’s)

Mr. Bumble – Corrupt and Inept Parish Official (40’s-60’s)

Mrs. Bumble – Greedy Workhouse Matron Bumble’s Wife (40’s-60’s)

Old Sally Thingummy – Elderly Nurse and Workhouse Servant (60+)

Oliver Twist – A Sensitive Foundling (About 9-12 years old)

Children of the Workhouse; Friends of Oliver (8-12)


Mr. Sowerberry – Cross Undertaker (Middle Age)

Mrs. Sowerberry – Undertaker’s Sour Wife (Middle Age)

Noah Claypole – Obnoxious Apprentice to the Sowerberrys (14-19)

Charlotte – The Sowerberry’s Sarcastic Maid

The Artful Dodger – Teenage Leader of Fagin’s Pickpockets (14-19)

Fagin – Eccentric Greedy Fence and Crime Ring Head (55-70)

Nancy – Gang Cohort and Bill Sike’s Conscience-Stricken Wife (25-40)

Bet – Teenage Gang Member Often Tagging Along with Dodger (14-19)

Bill Sikes – Murderous Thief Raised with Nancy by Fagin (25-40)

Mr. Brownlow – Respected and Benevolent Gentleman (50’s-60’s)

Miss Wordsmith – A Kindly Bookseller (20’s-30’s)

Constable – Competent Official (30+)

Miss Monks – Conniving Woman of Mystery (Early 20’s)

Rose – A Young Lady Under Mr. Brownlow’s Care (Late Teens Early 20’s)

Mrs. Bedwin – Mr. Brownlow’s Matronly Housekeeper (40-60)

Mrs. Grimwig – Mr. Brownlow’s Rich Old Family Friend (60+)

Merchant Vendors: Bread, Milk, Meat, Nuts, Ale, Eggs, Poultry, Produce, Cheese

“The Poor” / Londoners, Children of the Workhouse

Orphans of Fagin’s Gang, Townsman & Wife • Constable II, Additional Constables


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