Pollyanna – sample script


The Cast: 25-30
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

An Absolutely Charming Script:

Pollyanna’s cold and demanding Aunt Polly is not used to the kind of misadventures that Pollyanna gets into — including her odd way of befriending total strangers with her infectious smile. Even when faced with adversity, Pollyannna has a secret weapon: a special legacy left to her by her father.

Soon the entire town is playing an unusual game that Pollyanna lives by. Inspired by the classic best selling 1913 novel by Eleanor Porter, this musical features rag time tunes and a patriotic medley, taking audiences back to this charming period in America’s history.

Sample Songs:

Beldingsville, Vermont – Pollyanna

The Town is in a Dither – Pollyanna

Duty – Pollyanna

Two Prayers – Pollyanna

Finale – Glad as Glad Can Be – Pollyanna


(In Order of Appearance)

Aunt Polly – Wealthy Mistress of the Harrington Estate (40’s+)

Pollyanna Whittier – Optimistic Orphan Niece (10 to 12)

Nancy – Aunt Polly’s Maid (Late Teens to 20’s+)

Old Tom – Aunt Polly’s Gardener (50’s+)

Mr. Pendleton – Wealthy Recluse (50’s+)

Timothy – Old Tom’s Grandson and Assistant (Teens)

Milly – Daughter of Mrs. Snow (20’s to 30’s)

Mrs. Snow – Bedridden Recluse (50’s+)

Reverend Ford – Sincere Man of Faith (30’s+)

Dr. Chilton – Doctor Beloved by Pollyanna (40’s to 50’s)

Mary – Mr. Pendleton’s Housekeeper (20’s+)

Mr. Gregory – Aide to Mr. Pendleton and Dr. Chilton (20’s+)

Jimmy Bean – Local Homeless Orphan (10 to 12)

Dr. Warren – Aunt Polly’s Doctor (40’s+)

Miss Hunt – Kindly Nurse (20’s+)

Dr. Mead – Sophisticated Specialist (40’s+)

Mrs. Benton – Widow Befriended by Pollyanna

Mrs. Tarbell – Bereaved Woman Befriended by Pollyanna

Citizens of Beldingsville, Vermont (circa 1910)


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