Tom Sawyer – sample script


The Cast: 25-30
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

A Tuneful Romp Through America’s Yesteryears :

Journey back to America’s yesteryears to join Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in their hilarious misadventures. Witness the boy’s mishaps as they run from the murderous thief Injun Joe, show up alive at their own funeral and discover buried pirate treasure deep in the caves of Hannibal, Missouri.

Based on the 1876 novel by Mark Twain, who appears as narrator, this musical comedy is a tuneful romp along the Mississippi River.

Sample Songs:

Mississippi – Tom Sawyer

A Boy’s Just A Blessing And A Curse – Tom Sawyer

Tom’s Sweet on Becky – Tom Sawyer

Polly’s Prayer – Tom Sawyer

Finale: Where’s Tom Sawyer (reprise) – Tom Sawyer


(In Order of Appearance)

*Sam Clemens – The author. Tom Sawyer is his alter ego. Mid 30’s.

Aunt Polly – Simple, godly and big-hearted but harried. Mid 30’s to 40’s.

Sidney – Tom’s annoying and tattling little half-brother. 9-11 yrs.

Huck Finn – Tom’s cohort and best friend. A social outcast. 15-16 yrs.

Jim – Aunt Polly’s Negro slave boy. Honest and simple. 12-14 yrs.

*Muff Potter – Loveable town drunk. 40-60 yrs.

Becky Thatcher – Tom’s love interest. Angelic, innocent and dainty. 11-13 yrs.

Amy Lawrence – A countrified flirtatious little charmer. Tom’s ex-girl. 11-13 yrs.

Injun Joe – The vile villain; hated and feared by all. Mid 20-30 yrs.

Tom Sawyer – Imaginative, with a penchant for getting in trouble. 12-13 yrs.

Mary – Polly’s daughter, Tom and Sid’s cousin. “Mother hen” 15-19 yrs.

Ben Rodgers – Tom’s friend, but also his nemesis. A know-it-all. 12-14 yrs.

Billy Fisher & Joe Harper – Tom’s school chums. 11-14 yrs.

Judge Thatcher – New Circuit Judge. Becky’s adoring father. 40-50 yrs.

*Jeff Thatcher – Attorney-At-Law and younger brother of the Judge. 20-30 yrs.

Reverend Walters – A blusterer. 30-60 yrs.

Widow Douglas – Compassionate, well-to-do, and stylishly good looking. 40-ish.

The Stranger – The Spaniard’s partner in crime. 30-50 yrs.

*Young Doc Robinson – Town doctor. Well liked, but ruthless. 20-30 yrs.

*Bull Harbison – Compassionate town Sheriff. Mid 30’s and up.

*Mr. Dobbins – The local schoolteacher. Tyrannical and pompous. 20-60 yrs.

Gracie Miller – Young, Adorable little cherub with a pronounced lisp.

Soloist For the song “Holy Rise-Up Day.”

Townfolk of Hannibal, Missouri

* The production of “Tom Sawyer” may also feature optional Musicians for Muff’s Jug Boys Band: Males, expertly playing the following: Fiddle, guitar, bass fiddle, banjo, dulcimer (zither), harmonica, spoons, washboard, jug. May also play a main or supporting part, but this band will require extra music rehearsals. The band can also feature a female homeless “songbird” to add to the vocals.


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