About Us

Thank youlifehouse theater logo for your interest in our Theater Script catalog. We hope to meet your needs in any way possible and consider it an honor to serve you. With more than 30,000 guests joining us each year at our home theater for uplifting, inspirational faith-affirming musicals, comedies and dramas, we have a proven track record of quality productions. We now are offering those same productions to you here, in our script catalog.

You can learn more about our theater and production company at www.lifehousetheater.com. You can learn about our dynamic audio drama series at www.theaterontheair.com.

Each script in our catalog has been carefully researched and written to remain faithful to the original source, whether based on fact or fiction.  Our titles appeal to audiences of all ages and walks of life.  Each production script is designed to be flexible, practical and easily put on stage at any venue.  We also offer an affordable sliding royalty scale and every effort will be made to fit your budget and program needs.

Our crafting of exclusive, award-winning original productions devoted to the moral imagination, as informed by Judeo-Christian traditions, is part of what makes our theater scripts unique in the nation — and we are one of Southern California’s most popular community theaters.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation and we’ll work to earn your confidence. We appreciate the prospect of working with you and look forward to a long association.