Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.

Are your scripts the same as Broadway Productions?

No, each of our productions are all original, this includes the entire script, music and songs. All of our productions are based on public domain books, stories and tales. They have been performed live at our Theater in Southern California and fine tuned for 20 years.

Who are your productions appropriate for?

Our productions are tailored toward families and appeal to people of all ages.  We do have a few productions that are more geared toward teens and adults such as “The Cross and the Switchblade” and “The Hiding Place.” The reason for this is merely the subject matter covered.

Can I obtain a perusal/sample script?

Yes!  We offer perusal/sample scripts for Free. Perusal scripts are only available to organizations seeking to potentially produce one of our productions and are not available to the general public. Click here to get your sample script.

Do you ship internationally and well as to the US/Canada?

We will ship to any location worldwide.

Is sheet music available for your productions?

At this time we do not offer sheet music for most of our productions.  All of our musicals utilize an orchestrated soundtrack that is part of the production packet.  A vocal CD of the music is also a part of the production packet.

How do I request permission to produce a LifeHouse script?

By purchasing one of our productions through our Script Shop, you are both purchasing that script and the rights to perform it. Upon completion of sale, we will send you a contract to sign and return to us, and you will receive the license which grants you permission to produce the requested production.

How are royalties/costs determined?

Royalties are determined through the information provided during the sale of the script and are based on a sliding scale. One fee includes all admin, royalty, script package preparation, and shipping to your location in the United States or around the world.

Can we make changes to the script or songs?

Written permission is required from LifeHouse Theater in order to make changes to the script, lyrics and music. You can always contact us with any changes you may need to make in order to suit your particular needs.

Can we record our production?

We allow organizations to record their productions provided they are only made available to the cast as a keepsake memento of the production and are not made available to the general public.  We also would like you to send a copy of any such recording to LifeHouse Productions, Inc.

Can we broadcast our production of a LifeHouse script?

We do not permit any LifeHouse production produced by other organizations to be broadcast in any manner, unless it has been pre-approved by us first.  If there is a special circumstance in which you would like to broadcast one of our productions, please contact LifeHouse Productions, Inc.