Anne of Avonlea – sample script


The Cast: 25 to 30
The Set: Flexible; may be simple one unit or elaborate as desired
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min.

Endless fun for cast and audience alike:

Anne Shirley once again steal the hearts of the audience as we revisit Avonlea, join her friends and meet several intriguing new play characters in this script. The lovable orphan girl in this fun script, is now a young woman. Anne of Avonlea finds herself in a variety of amusing situations, including some hilarious adventures as a new teacher. Humorous encounters with a talkative parrot, mysterious neighbors, a stray cow and fireworks run amok share the spotlight with a deadly storm, rekindled romance, and the triumph of a true friendship. Inspired by the second novel in the world-famous series of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the charm of a bygone era comes to life with the beat of a tuneful score.

Sample Songs

Track 1 – Anne of Avonlea

Track 2 – Anne of Avonlea

Track 9 – Anne of Avonlea

Track 14 – Anne of Avonlea

Track 17 – Anne of Avonlea


(In Order of Appearance)

Diana Barry

Anne Shirley

Fred Wright

Gilbert Blythe

Mr. Stevenson

Mrs. Caleb Wright

Jane Andrews

Ruby Gillis

Mr. George Pye

Mr. G.Wms Sr

Mrs. K. Dennis

Moody Spurgeon

Charlie Sloan

Mrs. Jack Thomas

Mr. K. J. Johns

Rachel Lynde

Marilla Cuthbert

Josie Pye

Reverend Allan

Jimmy Glover

Mr. J. A. Harrison

Mr. Dewitt


Anthony Pye

Clarice Donnell

Debbie Michaels

Tommy Gillis

Julie Andrews

Minnie May


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