Ben-Hur – sample script



The Cast: Flexible; 30 or more with at least 15 men.
The Set: Simple one set unit with suggestions for special optional prop additions.
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min


This play script is a stirring musical-opera based on the classic 1885 novel by General Lew Wallace, traces the lives of childhood friends, Judah Ben-Hur, son of wealthy Jewish parents, and Messala, son of a distinguished Roman officer. Messala’s ruthless quest for power destroys their friendship when he frames the Hur family as conspirators, sending Judah on a lifelong odyssey. Judah’s astounding encounters with a mysterious Man of Galilee changes his life forever.

Sample Songs

Track 04 (Act 1) – Ben-Hur

Track 07 (Act 1) – Ben-Hur

Track 48 (Act 1) – Ben-Hur

Track 19 (Act 2) – Ben-Hur

Track 20 (Act 2) – Ben-Hur


(In Order of Appearance)

Balthasar – Wiseman of Egypt
Melchior – Magi from the East
Gaspar – Magi from the West
Mary – Jesus’ Mother
Joseph – Jesus’ Father
Simonides – Faithful Steward and Esther’s Father
Miriam – Judah’s Devoted Mother
Abigail – A village gossip
Sarah – A village gossip
Young Judah – Age 10
Young Messala – Age 10
Messala’s Father – Soldier
Young Tirzah – Age 5
Young Esther – Age 10
Judah Ben-Hur – Devout Prince of the House of Hur
Messala – Roman Tribune and Judah’s Childhood Friend
Drusus – Messala’s Assistant
Tirzah – Judah’s Loving Sister
Esther – Servant Girl and in love with Judah
Valerius Gratus – Roman Governor
Guard – Leads slaves to galley
The Son – Jesus Christ
Hortator – Serves aboard the galley
Quintus Arrius – Roman Consul
Emperor – Ruler of Rome
Pontius Pilate – Infamous Governor
Sheik Ilderim – Wealthy Horse Trainer
Lead Leper 1 – Of the Valley of Lepers
Lead Leper 2 – Of the Valley of Lepers

Villagers, Soldiers, Servants, Overseers, Rowers (Slaves), Romans, Harem girls, Lepers


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