Cinderella – sample script



The Cast:

20 or more

The Set:

Flexible; may be simple 1 unit

Approximate Length:

2 acts, 90 min

A Funny Favorite Fairytale:

A hit musical adaptation of one of best loved fantasy tales, this play features the ever gracious Cinderella, her rollicking rodent companions Max and Mort, kindly Prince Alexander, a giddily goofy Godmother on a heavenly mission and a ballroom full of friendly royal folk eager to welcome audiences to the kingdom.

Dazzling dance, colorful costumes and clever comedy combine to tickle funny bones and warm hearts in this delightfully daffy musical.

Journey to a fantasy kingdom “once upon a time” as the world’s best-known fairy tale comes to life before your eyes! This hilarious classic script features a sparkling score and fun surprises that will delight all ages.


Sample Songs:

Little Town – Cinderella

Little Ella – Cinderella

Dare to Dream and Live – Cinderella

Dreamsong – Cinderella

The Cinderella Waltz (reprise) – Cinderella


(In Order of Appearance)

The Godmother A Wise Friend

Cinderella Beautiful and compassionate young woman

Druzel Eldest Stepsister

Croakette Dim, Youngest Stepsister

The Stepmother A Shrew

Farmer Brown Minor Merchant

The Mother Leaves a Rich Legacy

The Father Relocated Nobleman

Maximillian A Kind Mouse

Mortimer Dim Brother to Max

Liz A Feisty Lizard

The King’s Herald Officious Official

King Coriander A Lovable Bumbler

Queen Alessandra Devoted Wife

Prince Alexander Kind Son



Milkman                                  The Reverend

Doctor Jones                          Assistant Heralds

Butcher                                     The Royal Court

Baker                                          Servants and Maids

Prison Convict                         Footmen

Candle Maker                          Ballroom Guests

Persian Fakir                            Beggar Boy or Girl

Undertaker                                Various Villagers



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