Elijah – sample script


The Cast: 20 or more; all ages
The Set: Flexible; may be simple 1 unit
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

An Inspirational Musical:
During a time of great turmoil in Israel, one of the most dynamic prophets emerges. Now the powerful predictions of Elijah explode onto the stage in this remarkable new musical! The power of faith is revealed in this amazing true story of God’s messenger and his struggles with the evil King Ahab and Queen Jezebelle.


(In Order of Appearance)

Elijah – A prophet of God. Elijah is a very powerful man, but with faults. His biggest fault is that he is judgmental of others and of their attempts to serve God. He sees life in the black and white, with little or no compromise, or room for interpretation. This leads him to be very judgmental of others and eventually to feel sorry for himself. His change of attitude after his encounter with God at Mt. Horeb is the dramatic movement about which the play turns.

Ahab – King of Israel. A man who has come to power, not because of his own work; he the heir of his father. He despises confrontation, is rather weak and would rather sit and do nothing than be decisive.

Jezebel – Princess of Tyre and wife of Ahab. A very evil vain woman who is used to having her own way. She is ambitious but as a woman is somewhat stymied in getting what she wants. In a loveless arranged marriage, she sees her position as one that she alone has to promote. Definitely a daddy’s girl and very demanding.

Obadiah – A servant of Ahab’s and a worshiper of God. Obadiah is in a very difficult position as an important servant in an idolater’s household, yet who tries to serve God. Obadiah’s nature is non-confrontational and humble, but he knows whose side he is ultimately on.

Naboth – The owner of a vineyard that abuts the king’s palace. Naboth is somewhat naïve, but proud of his land and his ancestry. He is only in one scene and can be played by one of the ensemble.

Widow of Zarephath – A Gentile woman who is not sure which god to worship. Her life centers on her son and keeping him and herself together in body and soul.

Lemuel – The widow’s son.

Angel – A messenger sent from God (no halos or wings). Helps Elijah on his way to Mt. Horeb.

Elisha – A man younger than Elijah; his prophetic heir. The Bible tells us he was bald or balding.

Zedekiah – A false prophet. Can be played by ensemble member.

Micaiah – A prophet of God. Can be played by ensemble member.


Voice of God
Jehosephat, King of Judah
Prophets of Baal
People of Israel
Ben-Hadad, King of Syria
Soldiers/ Guards
Shaphat, father of Elisha
Families in Scene 3