The Emperor’s New Clothes – sample script


The Cast: 20 or more; all ages
The Set: Flexible; may be simple 1 unit
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 90 min

A Fun Family Musical:
The classic Hans Christian Anderson tale comes to life in this fun new musical.

The pride and arrogance of the Emperor spark a laughable series of events until hilariously exposed through the wisdom of a child. A rollicking good time for the whole family!

Sample Songs:

Life in the Village – The Emperor’s New Clothes

You’ll Like The Way you Look – The Emperor’s New Clothes

Oh Dear My Eyes Deceive Me – The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Emperors Clothes – The Emperor’s New Clothes

I’m The One Who’s In Charge – The Emperor’s New Clothes

“The Emperor’s New Clothes”


Hans Christian Andersen – The World-Famous and Beloved Teller of Tales

The Emperor – A Vain Ruler, Once Wise, Who Has Misplaced Priorities

The Empress – Virtuous, Patient Sovereign Who Seeks to be Sensible

Princess Giavanna – A Caring Daughter Who Prefers to be Called “Jo”

Alec Richards – Capable Commander of the Royal Sentries

Hugh Digby – Bumbling Sentry and Friend to Alec

Lord Raven – The Scheming Minister of the Royal Administration

Lady Vexx – The Pompous Chief of the Royal Staff

Lord Regal – Honest Assistant and Advisor to the Emperor

The Court Jester – Veteran “Fool” of the Royal Court; Wiser Than Appears

Stephanie – A Kind Lady-In-Waiting to Princess Giavanna

Stacy – Royal Laundress-In-Chief; Eager to Please

Ann – Younger Sister of Stacy’s; Helps with the Royal Laundry

Maggie – Youngest Sister of Stacy and Ann; a Bit Pesky but Fun

Damien Diomedes – A Clever Con Artist Who Masquerades as a Tailor

Drake Foley – A Less Clever Con in Cahoots with Damien

Rachel – An Innocent Child and Keen Observer