It’s A Wonderful Life – sample script


It’s A Wonderful Life

The Cast: 30 or more
The Set: Flexible; may be 1 or 2 units
Approximate Length: 3 acts, 120 min. (May be done in 2 acts)

A Cherished Christmas Classic:

The beloved cinematic masterpiece comes to life on stage as a delightful family musical glowing with the spirit of the Christmas season. A bumbling wayward angel named Clarence Odbody is selected as the heavenly choice to help George Bailey, a man of unrealized dreams, discover the treasures of family, friends and life itself.

Audiences will experience laughter and tears as Clarence struggles to earn his wings amidst hilarious comedy, powerful drama and ten toe-tapping period songs. The unforgettable folks of Bedford Falls come to life on stage in this toe-tapping tribute to a beloved American tale. The true spirit of Christmas touches George Bailey and all who witness his amazing encounter with a wayward angel.

Sample Songs:

A Prayer For George – It’s A Wonderful Life

Welcome To Bedford Falls! – It’s A Wonderful Life

Full Moon And Starry Eyes – It’s A Wonderful Life

The Celebration – It’s A Wonderful Life

Finale: Auld Lang Syne – It’s A Wonderful Life


(In Order of Appearance)

Mr. Gower – Owner of Gower’s Drugstore

Ma Bailey – George and Harry’s Mother

Bert – the Cop Close Friend of George.

Ernie Bishop – Fruit Vendor, Friend of George

Mr. Martini – A Renter Helped by George

Bailey Children – Jane, Peter, Zuzu, Tommy

Mary Hatch – George’s Eventual Wife

Michael – Archangel (Voice only)

Clarence – Apprentice Angel

Cousin Tilly

Cousin Eustace – George’s relatives

Uncle Billy

Henry Potter – Evil Town Land Baron; Wheelchair Bound

Young George – George at Age 12 or So

Young Harry – George’s Younger Brother

Young Sam

Young Marty

Young Violet – George’s Childhood Chums

Young Mary

Pop Bailey – George’s Father

George Bailey – Man with a Wonderful Life

Violet Bick – Worldly Young Woman

Annie Bailey – Family Cook

Harry Bailey – George’s Mature Younger Brother

Sam Wainwright – Successful Friend of George

Marty Hatch – Mary’s Older Brother

Ruth Millay – Harry’s Eventual Wife

Mrs. Hatch – Mary and Marty’s Mother

Miss Carter – Bank Examiner

Mr. Welch – Angry Villager

Tollkeeper – Bridge Watchman

VARIOUS TOWNFOLK: Board Members, “Elderly” Man, Potter’s Goon/Assistant, Jane Wainwright, Bank Patrons # “A” thru “G”, various and sundry others.


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