The Jungle Book – sample script


The Cast: 20 or more
The Set: Flexible; may be simple one unit or elaborate as desired
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min.

A Delightful Musical Comedy:

This musical journey takes you into the fantasy realm of Rudyard Kipling as his beloved characters spring from the page to the stage in this madcap musical romp through the jungles of India. Follow the man-cub Mowgli as he discovers life lessons with his fun friends Baloo and Bagheera. This fun filled comedy is sure to please audiences of the young and young at heart.

Sample Songs:

A Tiger’s Tirade – The Jungle Book

One of Us – The Jungle Book

The Mancub’s Goodbye – The Jungle Book

Tiger! Tiger! – The Jungle Book

Finale – To Belong / The Law of the Jungle reprise – The Jungle Book


(In Order of Appearance)

Father & Mother Wolf – Compassionate wolves, who rescue Mowgli and raise him.

Bagheera – Wise, protective black panther, a dear friend to Mowgli. Calls him “Little Brother”

Baloo – Bumbling, long-winded bear, who always has an appetite. He loves to act as Mowgli’s teacher.

Messua – Mowgli’s mother, who flees from Shere Khan’s attack.

Tabaqui – A creepy and comical Jackal. Crafty “Side kick” to Shere Khan

Shere Khan – A ruthless, yet lame and cowardly tiger, who vows vengeance

Akela – Dignified, aged leader of the Wolf Pack

Mowgli – A strong, impetuous young man who grows up in an animal’s world, and feels strangely out of place. About 15 years. He should have the look of one who is caught in the stage between boy and man.

Monkeys 1-3 – Wacky tricksters, who stop at nothing to get what they want.

Kaa – A sly python. She is the monkey’s nemesis, and loves to help others if there’s something in it for her.

Neela – A kind and lovely village girl and daughter of Buldeo who has compassion on Mowgli. About 16 yrs.

Buldeo – Pompous, superstitious Village Elder and overbearing father of Neela.

Minor Speaking Roles:

Wolf Cubs 1-3
Wolves 1-3
Little Mowgli (About 7-10 yrs)
Villagers 1 & 2, Village Woman, Village Boys 1 & 2, Beggar

Chorus/Supporting Cast:

Wolves, Monkeys, Villagers


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