The Little Mermaid – sample script


The Cast:

20 or more
10 – 15 (abridged version)

The Set:

Flexible; may be simple 1 or 2 unit

Approximate Length:

2 acts, 90 min
1 act, 60 min (abridged version)

A Fun Family Fantasy:

This exciting play script takes you on a voyage to the bottom of the sea in this rollicking musical comedy the whole family will enjoy. Inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tale, this musical adaptation follows the adventures of Angelica a fun loving script the young mermaid, as she struggles to save her watery world from the clutches of Octavia, the evil sea witch.

Enjoy such tunes as “The Waltz of the Sea,” and the charming “A Great, Big Beautiful World” in this unique blend of intrigue, adventure, music and comedy. With the help of a snappy seahorse and her silly friend Finn, the little mermaid, Angelica, battles evil Octavia for the future of the undersea kingdom. Unexpected new surprises combine with a calypso beat and clever comedy for an unforgettable family experience.

Sample Songs:

Track 01 – The Little Mermaid

Track 05 – The Little Mermaid

Track 11 – The Little Mermaid

Track 16 – The Little Mermaid

Track 22 – The Little Mermaid


(In Order of Appearance)

Octavia – Wicked Sea Witch

Slick – An Evil but Inept Stingray

Sly – An Evil Swordfish

Scooter – A Stuffy Sea Horse and Herald

Pépe – A Snappy Sea Turtle

Angelica – “Angie,” the Little Mermaid

The Sea King – Angie’s Father

Grandmer Sea – King’s Mother; Angie’s Grandmother

Shelly – Angie’s Eldest Sister

Sandy – Angie’s Sister

Wordsworth – Sea Captain and Prince’s Steward

Prince William – The Human Prince, Rescued by Angie

Jake – The Prince’s Saint Bernard

Grandfather – Sea King’s Father

Octavia II – A Younger Octavia Double


The Kelp Creatures
Merfolk and Sea Creatures
The Sea Servants
The Sailors of Prince William’s Ship
Sea King’s Former Wife and Family
The Prince’s Palace Staff
Wedding Guests


CAST OF CHARACTERS (In Order of Appearance)

Scooter – A Sea Horse

Pépe – A Spanish Sea Turtle

Angelica – The Little Mermaid

The Sea King – Angelica’s Father

Grandmer – Angelica’s Grandmother

Octavia – The Evil Sea Witch

Slick – An Evil Lobster

Sly – An Evil Hammerhead Shark

Prince William – The Human Prince Rescued by Angie

Wordsworth – The Prince’s Steward

Octavia II – A Younger Octavia Double


Palace Staff
Various Other Creatures
(Note: Two actors can play all eight parts)


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