Pocahontas – sample script


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The Cast: 25-30
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple one unit as desired
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

The Enthralling Historic Story:

Witness the events thrust upon a courageous young Native American girl in this powerful adventure. This theater production is based on extensive research, “Pocahontas” is a moving story of love, courage, and sacrifice.

Audiences will be amazed and inspired by this musical as it relates the true events of Pocahontas’ life in a way never seen before. When the first settlers set foot upon a new continent and cultures clash, will love be able to conquer all? The surprising answer brings an inspirational climax to an enthralling historic story.

Sample Songs:

What Else Can I Do – Pocahontas

What Wondrous Fields There Will Be – Pocahontas

No Hands to Hold – Pocahontas

No Rope is Strong Enough – Pocahontas

Finale – Pocahontas


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