The Princess and the Pigs – sample script


The Princess and the Pigs

The Cast: 15 or more
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple as desired
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 90 min

A Brand New Musical, Oink!:

What do a ridiculously spoiled princess, a beleaguered king, a singing beggar and a herd of pampered pigs have in common? In this new exciting theater script Poor King Atreo cannot understand how his beautiful daughter Princess Mirabel has become ridiculously rude, spoiled and selfish.

But his surprising idea to pair her with a singing beggar and a herd of pampered pigs will ensure Mirabel will never be the same! This hilarious new musical of a Grimm Brothers tale is at once insightful, poignant and amusing.

Sample Songs:

Track 01 – The Princess and the Pigs

Track 05 – The Princess and the Pigs

Track 09 – The Princess and the Pigs

Track 11 – The Princess and the Pigs

Track 13 – The Princess and the Pigs


Elrick/Pauvel – Lead role. Late 20s-early 30s. Must be able to speak with both a royal bearing and a hick-country voice. Tenor range.

Mirabel – Rude and snobbish young princess, early 20s. Her character will change until she’s kinder and more industrious. Second-soprano range.

King Atreon – Elder father of Princess Mirabel. Gruff. Wants his daughter to stop being so flighty. A hard but concerned man.

Chalmers – Groom and loyal servant to King Elrick, shows wisdom in most situations. Should be older than Elrick.

Ana – Blacksmith’s wife. Very kind individual who tends to see the good in people and situations. Loyal friend to Mirabel. Portrayed as being noticeably pregnant.

Penelope – Simpering courtier. Has an affected sneering voice and a very noticeable mocking laugh. Definitely haughty and arrogant. Able to fly into a rage.

Warren – Blacksmith, Ana’s husband. A kind but quiet man of few words. Grunts mostly.

Herald – Standard high voiced servant and herald to King Atreo. Always announces his lines as if for the crowd to hear. A slight scoundrel.

Father Maury – Older man who is a bit deaf.

Granny Bess – Old crone. “In charge” of the vendors in Threeshaw’s marketplace. She comes off as odd and tough at first.

Chancellors – One chancellor to King Elrick needs to be a strong bass singer. These men put the King straight with some tough love.


(Note that while none of the pigs have speaking lines they will all have choreography and blocking, and will probably be needed backstage for singing parts. Pigs should be teenage or preteens. Precious can be younger.)

Hammy – Boy. Has a silly goofball personality.
Freckles – Boy or girl. Very active pig. Must be able to do gymnastics or tumbling moves.
Midnight – Boy or girl. Tough pig that mainly sleeps, but also can do a little hip hop as needed for choreography.
Penelope – Girl. This pig will appear really fat (extra padding), but should dance gracefully like a ballerina.
Precious – Girl. Adorable, little, and very lovable.

Rejected Wooer/ Male Nobility: Prince Rejek; bald or obviously balding man. Earl Shortstuff; short guy. Duke Van Goot; fat duke. Prince Deth Lee; very pale prince.

Rest of the Best:
Peasant Lad – Hick accent
Cook – Male or Female. Short on pleasantries.
Various Townsfolk, children, party-goers, annoying lady courtiers, constable, chancellors.


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