Pursued: A Jonah Story – sample script


The Cast: 15-25
The Set: Flexible, elaborate or simple one unit as desired
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min.

A Dynamic New Musical Experience:

This is an ambitious, powerful change-of-pace production that will creatively challenge your thinking and provide new insights into an amazing story. This one of a kind script is geared more towards teen and adult audiences. “Pursued” is a fresh, yet faithful interpretation of Jonah’s biblical story.

Our staging parallels the events of the Book of Jonah in an exciting setting that makes the events highly accessible to today’s audiences. The inspiring focus is on God’s caring compassion and His relentless pursuit of our hearts and minds—even when we try to outrun Him.

Experience the deep, moving truths of the book of Jonah in a fresh way through the eyes of Jonas, a damaged man from a different time and place on Earth whose dramatic odyssey and struggle with God parallels that of the ancient prophet Jonah.

Sample Songs:

Overture – Pursued: A Jonah Story

My Rescuer – Pursued: A Jonah Story

How Many Days – Pursued: A Jonah Story

Aleph’s Death – Pursued: A Jonah Story

Crawling of the Skin – Pursued: A Jonah Story


(In Order of Appearance)

Shamar’ezer – Angelic helper. Strong, compassionate, direct

Jonas – Age 20-30, Dalaythan (Da-LAY-than), passionate, respected as a leader

Aleph – Jonas’ fiancée, age 20-30, compassionate, graceful, has a beautiful heart

Thanrar – Zoresh military captain – cruel, self-centered, arrogant

Zhem – Zoresh Soldier – sidekick to Thanrar, slimy

Nikole – Young woman (late teens to early 20’s) moves from greed to contrition

Saluk – Zoresh Merchant – smooth, selfish, cruel

Palynra – Zoresh oracle (female) – spiritually sensitive, courageous

Kerdon – Driver of a transport from Zoresh to Dalaytha – blunt, rough

Jesstile – Jonas’ co-worker; wry sarcastic, principled

Langam – Jonas’ co-worker and leader of the Dalaythan resistance – forceful

Old Dal. Prophetess – Elderly woman

Ajilsstaydir (Ah-JILL-sta-DEER) Yyrossimmonni (Ear-ROSS-ih-MON-ee) woman, age 20-40 – observant, insightful, taciturn

Zoresh – King Age 35+, male, loud, angry, desperate


Tainen – Driver of the transport
Lurico – Man, aged 35-60, bawdy, worldly and boastful
Daloe – Corbal’s young daughter or son, aged 12-15, inquisitive
Plashkee – Woman, aged 17-30, high strung and proud
Corbal – Woman, aged 30-45, fearful and reticent
Bauhoos – Man, aged 25-55, patronizing and uncaring
Camadi – Man, aged 24-40, nervous and superstitious


Zoresh Soldiers and Citizens
Members of the Dalaythan resistance
The Yyrossimmonni people and their Leader
Captives of the Zoresh


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