Rapunzel Untangled – sample script


The Cast: 20 or more; all ages
The Set: Flexible; may be simple 1 unit
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 100 min

A Fun Family Fairytale:

Fun for all ages is found in this musical adaptation inspired by the classic Grimm Fairy Tale.

What’s a prince to do when the love of his life is stuck in a tower? At long last the story of the girl with the ultimate hair issues comes to the stage! Comedy, music, romance and adventure all combine to create a new family fairytale. Shear fun!

Sample Songs:

The Legend of The Flower – Rapunzel Untangled

Tower Walls – Rapunzel Untangled

The Chase – Rapunzel Untangled

Rapunzel’s Prayer – Rapunzel Untangled

Let Down Your Hair – Rapunzel Untangled



Gypsy – (female, 20-40) The storyteller.

Rapunzel – (female, age 17-25) Rapunzel is 18 years old and has never left her tower. She longs to experience the outside world. Despite her circumstances, she remains cheerful and hopeful that she will one day find love and adventure.

Gothel – (female, 30-50) Gothel has lived an unnaturally long life, thanks to her magic flower. After the flower is taken by Matthias, Gothel retaliates by kidnapping baby Rapunzel, whose hair possesses the healing qualities of the flower. Though she sometimes acts like a loving mother, her only care for Rapunzel is her magic hair.

Matthias – (male, 25-50) Rapunzel’s father. After Rapunzel disappears and his wife dies of heartache, Matthias spends 18 years searching for his daughter.

Emma – (female, 20-35) Rapunzel’s mother. Dies of heartache after Rapunzel is taken.

Doctor – (can be male or female, 20+) Village physician.

King Charles – (male, 50+) Sebastian’s father. He believes that his son will be a great king upon his passing.

Prince Sebastian – (male, 18-25) The charming young prince who, upon his father’s death, inherits the throne. Sebastian feels he is not ready to lead the kingdom, but wants to make his father proud.

Prime Minister – (male, 30+) Tries to aid the prince in finding a wife.

Queen Anna – (female, 40+) Sebastian’s mother. She is Sebastian’s support as he tries to cope with his father’s death and the new responsibility of leading the kingdom.

Brutus – (male, 18+) Not-to-bright henchman to Gothel.

Captain – (male, 20+) Captain of the Guard and friend to Sebastian.

Princesses – Cinderella, Snow White, Rose (Beauty and the Beast), Angelica (Little Mermaid),
Cassandra (Aladdin).


Palace Attendants