The Rise of King David – sample script


The Rise of King David

The Cast: 25-30 or more
The Set: Flexible; maybe one or 2 units
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 110-130 min

Shepherd, Soldier and King:

A one of a kind telling of the scriptural true events in the life of a shepherd, soldier, psalmist and king stunningly unfold as the life of Israel’s greatest monarch is traced in this musical biography of King David. In this musical play script you will enjoy the Biblical story of King David as it comes to life before your eyes on stage. With a powerfully written script and dynamic, heart touching songs this production is a favorite for churches and homeschooling groups.

Sample Songs:

A Shepherd’s Song – The Rise of King David

Our Enemies – The Rise of King David

Deliver Me! – The Rise of King David

There’s No Good Way To Say Goodbye – The Rise of King David

Finale – Psalm 100 – The Rise of King David


(In Order of Appearance)

Jesse – A ruthless drunk man, hurt by the reign of Saul

Marin – A humble maidservant of Jesse

King Agag – A strong man, defiant and bold

Saul – A man of contradictions/ passionate and paranoid

David – A young man passionate in all he does, focused, clear

Samuel – A Prophet, Judge and Priest

Abner – A shady adviser to King Saul

Michal – A beautiful daughter of King Saul

Saul’s Captain – A stern man of order

Joab – Faithful servant/ General of David

Jonathan – Saul’s Son, educated and wise

Mephibosheth – Jonathan’s crippled son

King Achish – Pompous King of Philistia

Ahimelech – A righteous priest

Doeg – A rough man

Abiathar – A young priest

Leader of Keilah – An unstable man

Nabal – Drunk, stubborn fool

Abigail – A wise, beautiful woman

Ish-Bosheth – Saul’s arrogant son

Saul’s Warriors, Saul’s Attendants, Saul’s Servants, Priests, Women of Israel, David’s Mighty Men, Philistines, Israelites, Maids, Amalekeites, and other various chorus members.


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