Robin Hood – sample script


The Cast: 25 or more
The Set: Flexible; maybe one or 2 units
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

The Sweeping Adventure:

In this exciting musical script we join the former outlaw, Robert of Loxsley, who returns from fighting for king and country in the bloody Crusades, only to find he has stepped into another kind of battle as he witnesses the corruption of Prince John and his evil minions; sly Guy of Gisbourne and the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham. Faced with the plight of his starving countrymen, Robin Hood must decide whether to turn a blind eye to their suffering or take up task of becoming the most famous outlaw who, “robs from the rich to give to the poor”. Join a gallant Robin Hood, a fiery Maid Marian, and all the misfit Merry Men on a sweeping adventure in Merry Old England in the new musical Robin Hood.

Sample Songs:

The Legend Of Robin Hood – Robin Hood

Who I Am – Robin Hood

To Outwit A Weasel – Robin Hood

Strike Hard, Strike Fast – part 1 – Robin Hood

Finale – Three Suites of Lincoln Green (reprise) / So Long-Long Ago (reprise) – Robin Hood


(In Order of Appearance)

Much – Narrator. Best friend to Robin Hood, he’s witty and loveable. He also acts as Robin’s conscience. (24-28 years old)

Young Robin – (12-16 years old)

Young Much – (12-16 years old)

Forester 1 & 2

Robin Hood – Rash and impulsive, he rushes headlong into things, but he is kindhearted and compassionate. He also has a bit of an ego. (24-28 years old)

David of Doncaster – A precocious son of a noble Lord. He is always sneaking around, listening to conversations he probably shouldn’t. He looks up and tries to emulate Robin Hood. (8-12 years old)

Queen Berengaria – Wife of King Richard. Spanish by birth, she is intelligent, selfpossessed and capable of ruling a country. Slightly manipulative. (26-30 years old)


Bishop Ramiro – Bishop to Queen Berengaria. He helps her clandestinely to loose Prince John’s control over England. (30-40 years old)

Prince John – Devious younger brother to King Richard, is always plotting and planning to usurp the throne. (26-35 years old)

Guy of Gisbourne – Cold and calculating, he was deposed of his land by King Richard and is in-cahoots with Prince John and the Sheriff. He is also betrothed to Maid Marian. (24-30 years old)

Maid Marian – Headstrong and self-possessed, she has a playful, sarcastic relationship with Robin who was her childhood sweetheart. (18-24 years old)

Sheriff of Nottingham – Slightly bumbling, inept agent of Prince John. (28-40 years old)

Eleanor – Companion to Maid Marian, she is sweet and innocent, but loyal. (16-20 years old)

Little John – Tall as a tree, he’s an intimidating outlaw and thief who likes to make wagers on anything. He is only intimidated by his wife’s sharp tongue. (28-34 years old)

Allan of Dale – A minstrel with an affinity to flirt with women and make men angry because of it. (16-24 years old)

Will Gamwell – A cunning thief with a penchant for wearing red. (16-24 years old)

Mary Little – Wife of Little John, she is a strong and sharp tongued woman when it comes to her husband, though she loves him and all the people of Sherwood vehemently. (20-28 years old)

Gaff – Brother-in-law to Little John, he constantly gets into scrapes. (13-17 years old)


Merry Men, Merry band, Servants, Nobles, Guards


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