The Secret Garden – sample script


The Cast: 25-30
The Set: Flexible; elaborate or simple one unit as
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

Another Touching Story:

In this soulful tale of love and redemption, a spoiled but sadly neglected young girl blossoms into a new life through the healing power of friendship. After losing her family, Mary Lennox is taken to begin a new life in England.

Mysteries abound in this musical script as she longs to discover the secrets of Misslethwaite Manor and its haunted garden. Magic abounds as a desolate piece of earth is brought back to life by the care of a surprising array of new friends.

Discover the secrets behind the garden door as the classic 1911 novel by Francis Hodgson Burnett is enhanced by a lush musical score.

Sample Songs:

British Society – The Secret Garden

Secret Garden – The Secret Garden

A Little Bit O’ Kindness – The Secret Garden

Celtic Prayer – The Secret Garden

Finale – The Secret Garden


(In Order of Appearance; * demotes appearance in both acts)

Granddaughter – Inquisitive ten-year-old *

Grandmother – A gracefully elderly Mary Lennox (Mid 50’s to 60’s) *

Mary’s Mother – Beautiful, vain, selfish socialite (Early 30’s)

Mary’s Father – Aristocratic, authoritative, insensitive (Mid 30’s to 40’s)

Mary Lennox – Plain, sour, selfish and temperamental. Raised without love, she is old-womanish in manner, but undergoes a miraculous childlike transformation thanks to the loving compassion of the Sowerbys. (10) *

Ayah – Mary’s harried Indian nanny (40-50)

Grundy – British soldier, sidekick-type

Sergeant – Kindly, concerned, fatherly British (Or Scottish) Officer

Mrs. Sergeant – Bustle-y gossip

Basil – Sergeant’s younger son, sort of a nerdy, little toady type (10-12)

Percy – Basil’s older brother, a but of a bully (12-14)

Mrs. Medlock – Authoritarian head housekeeper of Misselthwaite (50’s) *

Martha Sowerby – Sweet, compassionate, joyful, endearingly countrified (16-19) *

Ben Weatherstaff – Grizzly old hermit gardener at Misselthwaite (60’s – 70’s) *

Dickon Sowerby – An innocent, open, honest “cottage boy”, he has attained a “mystical” status on the moor due to his affinity for nature (12-14) *

Lord Archibald Craven – Melancholy, eccentric hunchback. His all-consuming grief over his wife’s death has made him a recluse, even from his own son (Mid 30’s to 40’s) *

Dr. John Lloyd – Estranged best friend and confidant of Lord Craven (40-50)

Colin Craven – Sickly, selfish, temperamental and morbidly imaginative. A mirror image of his cousin Mary, he is transformed by Mary’s growing compassion and insights (10)*

Mrs. Sowerby – The embodiment of motherhood: Godly, wise, insightful and compassionate, her love has made her children who they are. Through her, God transforms Mary, Colin and Lord Craven.

Lilith Craven (Dancing) – A memory, deceased wife of Lord Craven

Lilith Craven (Voice of) – Lovingly remembered by all as nurturing and compassionate. (Early 20’s)

Additional Supporting Characters:
Silly Woman Ill Father (Spreads the deadly fever)
Complainer George (Pompous)
Young Indian Girl
Indian Beggar Small Child
Marge (Complainer George’s Wife)
Ashwani (Intimidating Indian Manservant)
‘Lizbeth Ellen (The Sowerby’s youngest child)
Jolly Man Pritchard (Lord Craven’s Devoted Servant)
Young Officer (Flirtatious when drunk)
Two Ghostly Voices
Distraught Mother (Mad w/death of daughter)
Bellhop (Gum-chewing, Decidedly American)


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