A Song in my Heart – script sample


The Cast: 8-20
The Set: Simple one set, very flexible
Approximate Length: 1 acts, 10 – 75 min.

Touching Hearts:

A series of true stories behind well known Christian hymns. This amazing play script is very customizable to fit any length needed; as stories can be easily added or taken out.

A man discovers he is going blind. Another loses his family and fortune. A young couple face death at the hands of terrorists. Each incident has led to the writing of great hymns sung to this day. Discover the powerful stories behind these classics and leave with a song in your heart!

A Song in My Heart” celebrates a key component of Christian worship since the earliest days of the church—the singing of hymns. In later centuries, most major revivals and national spiritual movements and awakenings have been accompanied by sacred songs. In churches where people were mostly illiterate, the singing of hymns was a teaching tool for Christian truths. But it is also true that the singing of hymns has united the mighty and the humble in expressing praise to their God and Savior.

Meet the eccentric Mr. Hymnody as he relates the stories of seemingly ordinary people who penned extraordinary hymns. And feel free to sing along with our chorus.

As Isaac Watts observed, “The singing of God’s praise is the part of worship most closely related to heaven.”
“God sent his singers upon the earth
With songs of sadness and of mirth
That they might touch the hearts of men,
And bring them back to heaven again”
–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sample Songs

Track 1 – A Song In My Heart

Track 2 – A Song In My Heart

Track 6 – A Song In My Heart

Track 8 – A Song In My Heart

Track 9 – A Song In My Heart


(In Order of Appearance)





Mr. Hymnody

Issac Watts

Pop Watts

John T. Grape

Pastor Schrick

Elvina Hall

Carrie Breck

Grant Tullar

Friend #1

Friend #2

Rev. Porteous

Mrs. Porteous

Francis Havergal

Phillip Bliss

Bliss’ Wife

Major Whittle

James Mc Granahan

Horatio Spafford

George Matheson




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