Treasure Island – sample script


Treasure Island

The Cast: 30 or more; 15 or more men needed; some
women’s parts
The Set: Flexible
Approximate Length: 2 acts, 120 min

A Fast Paced Musical Adventure:

Meet courageous Jim Hawkins, irrepressible Long John Silver, and a host of unforgettable characters as they engage from this script in swashbuckling sword fights, double crosses and mysterious secrets while searching for hidden treasure. Along the way they learn valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty and conscience as they discover what constitutes true treasure. A fast paced, dance-filled, swaggering musical adventure that is as exciting as it is thought-provoking script.

Sample Songs:

When I Dream – Treasure Island

The Code Of Pirates – Treasure Island

Long John Silver is Me Name – Treasure Island

Jim’s Prayer – Treasure Island

Finale – When I Dream / Land Ho! reprise – Treasure Island


(In Order of Appearance)

Jim Hawkins – Sturdy Young Dreamer of Adventure Facing Manhood

Mother Mrs. Hawkins – Jim’s Mother and Benbow Inn Proprietor

Auntie Hawkins – Mrs. Hawkins’ Sister-in-law and Fussy Old Maid

Captain Flint – A Legendary Ruthless Pirate — Now a Fugitive

Doctor Livesey – A Level-headed Man of Medicine and Magistrate

Squire Trelawney – A Blustery Friend of Livesey and the Hawkins’

Bloodthirsty Pirates Formerly of Flint’s Crew:

Calico Kate
Blind Pew
Black Dog
Bonny Bones
Israel Hands

Long John Silver – Beguiling One-Legged Sea Cook Now Leading Flint’s Crew

Captain Smollett – Frankly Honest Captain of “The Hispaniola”

Ben Gunn – A Wiley Marooned Eccentric – Formerly of Flint’s Crew

Additional Renegade Pirates:

George Merry, Tom Morgan, Belle O’Brien, Johnny Dirk, Buccaneer Jennie Philo

Additional Honest Sailors

Terry Redruth, Abraham Gray, Job Anderson, Bart Blandly, Louise Alan

Villagers of Benbow Inn

Villagers of Bristol (Renegade Pirates and Honest Sailors may double as Various Villagers)


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